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Surgery play by play

Most surgeries are done under whats called IV sedation with a local anesthetic injected around the surgery site. IV sedation means an IV is started in your hand or arm and the patient is given something through the IV that makes them fall asleep. Once the patient is sleeping a local anesthetic like lidocaine is injected around the surgery site so you are sleeping and so is the foot.

The surgery is done in a sterile environment like an operating room either at our office where we have a state certified surgery center or a local hospital.

You’re brought into the operating room anesthesia as noted above is initiated and the surgery is perform while you’re sleeping and so is you foot, no pain. The surgery is performed and a bandage applied you are then taken to recovery where your foot is elevated and the recovery nurses monitor you vitals for about 30 minutes. After you have woken up you are taken to your car where the person that brought you takes you home and takes care of you.

You are given pain medications and an antiobiotic to take for the next few days. A return appointment is made for you before you leave to return in about 6 days.